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Products and Pricing

Freeze Frame Publishing

Product Pricing and Shipping Information


Photo Books


All of our photo products are printed on a Xerox iGen4 digital printer.

Our photo books are printed on 100# text matte, 87 bright digital paper. Other text stock is available.

All of our papers are acid free.

Book Type

Keyhole Cover
                     20-page book                     add'l page
8.5x11 Landscape                      $29.99                                 $.99
8x8                                           $29.99                                 $.99
12x12                                       $49.99                                 $.99

8.5x11 Landscape                     $65.99                                 $1.98
(custom cover)
8.5x11 Landscape                     $59.99                                 $1.98
(keyhole cover)
8x8                                          $59.99                                 $1.98
(keyhole cover)
8x8                                          $65.99                                 $1.98
(custom cover)
(keyhole cover)                         $89.99                                 $1.98

4x6 Landscape
custom cover (set of 4)               $25.58                                  $.89
custom cover (set of 4)               $25.58                                  $.89
5x7 Landscape
custom cover (set of 4)               $25.58                                  $.89
8.5x11 Portrait
custom softcover                        $22.99                                  $.99

Greeting Cards, Postcards, Posters, Bookmarks, Trading Cards
All of our greeting cards and postcards are printed on 10 point C1S card stock.

Postcard              Price
4x5.5                  $23.76/24
5x7                     $28.99/24
8x10                   $4.99/ea

4x8 mini-Z          $45.36/24
5.5x8.5 half-Z    $47.76/24
5x15 tri-fold       $2.99/ea

Folded Cards     Price

4x5.5            $35.76/24

5x7               $38.16/24

8.5x11          $2.99/ea

Trading Cards - Wallet Cards-Bookmarks

2.5x3.5 wallet      $32.40/36

2.5x3.5 trading   $19.00/20

2x6 bookmark       $.50/ea

2x8 bookmark       $.60/ea

Posters              Price


single side       $8.99/ea


double side     $12.99/ea


All of our calendars are printed on 10 point C2S card stock and double-wire bound.

Size                           Price

Desktop CD

4.68x5.42                        $40.00/10

8.5x11 Center bound    $16.99

8.5x11 Top bound         $14.99

11x17 Top bound          $22.99

12x18 Top bound          $23.99

We offer special group rates for multiple copies of identical products.

Quantity                Discount

5-9                           5%

10-14                     10%

15-19                     15%

20-49                     20%

50+                       Please contact us for pricing.

**Multiple copy discounts cannot be combined with any other offers or promotions**



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